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Typeclasses for binary serialization in PureScript.

Note: Although this library shares a lot of features similar to the cereal library from Haskell, it is not yet compatible.


It should feel fairly similar to Argonaut, but with a binary spin on things - everything is very Effect-ful, and will throw errors if something doesn't line-up as expected.

Just implement the EncodeArrayBuffer and DecodeArrayBuffer typeclasses to support binary serialization for your data type.


  • The Array instance first packs its length as a 4-byte Uint32BE - I don't know of a perfect way around this without excessive testing.
  • The Char and CodePoint instances seem to reflect utf-8 pretty decently - Woo Hoo! Pure utf-8 serialization!! But wait...
  • The String instance just turns it into an Array CodePoint, so there's an initial word denoting the string's length. Right now, I don't know of a clean way around this, without making every instance have a length argument.
  • The Vec instance actually sidesteps the length argument, because the length is assumed to be known at compile-time.
  • The ArrayBuffer, DataView, and ArrayView instances also have a similar initial length argument. Writing is not as efficient as you'd hope.
  • The Record instance first turns the record into an Object ArrayBuffer, which then becomes a Array (Tuple String ArrayBuffer) - it's not super efficient.
  • The Generic instances treat every Sum as its own distinguished, isolated possability - for data types with multiple consecutive sum values, like These or Ordering, it's suggested to write your own instance to pack each sum constructor as its own flag in the byte range 0 - 255. Sums are treated like Either - only 0 and 1 are used.