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Purescript wrapper for AWS SDK. See usage


This is a Purescript wrapper for the AWS JavaScript SDK that we use for our projects at Hivemind Technologies AG. Rather than aiming for a full compatibility of the AWS SDK, we strive for a wrapper that is Purescript-idomatic and covers the things that we need. If you are looking for a more complete but less idiomatic library, you might want to have a look into purescript-aws-sdk, which auto-generates Purescript code from the AWS SDK sources.

Currently we have some functionality for the following modules:

  • CloudWatch
  • CloudWatchLogs
  • CostExplorer
  • EC2
  • Lambda
  • SecurityTokenService (STS)
  • DynamoDB
  • SecretsManager
  • KMS
  • S3

While we do not have any plans to support other features that we currently don't use, we do welcome contributions of missing features.


Add purescript-aws-sdk to your packages.dhall and spago.dhall. For more information on how to add a dependency to your spago project, see the spago documentation.

❗Don't forget to update the version ot the repo according to the available tags.


import Prelude
import AWS.Lambda as AWSLambda
import AWS.Core.Types
import Effect.Aff (Aff)
import Effect.Class (liftEffect)

mydata = { name: "" } -- create some data 

type Result = { hello :: String } -- define some result type
callLambda :: Aff Result
callLambda = do
  client <- liftEffect $ AWSLambda.makeClient {} -- create the client 
    arn = Arn "arn:aws:lambda:<<REGION>>:<<ACCOUNT>>:function:<<LAMBDA-NAME>>" -- set the arn of your lambda
  result <- AWSLambda.invoke client arn mydata  -- invoke the lambda
  pure result

The other modules work in a similar way. You create the client first, and then call a function passing the client as well as other parameters.

You can customise the client by passing in any additonal options, e.g.:

  { region: Region "eu-west-1"
  , accessKeyId : AccessKeyId "my-access-key-id"
  , secretAccessKey : AccessKeyId "my-secret-access-key"
  , sessionToken : SessionToken "my-session-token"