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Simple to use, cross-platform benchmarking library based on benchmark.js.

Supports both node and browser environments. Mobile (JS bridge) support was not tested, yet.

By default it prints statistics to console as a pretty ASCII table (for cross-platform compatibility), but it can be easily extended to support more sophisticated visualization by accumulating stats as JSON.

The monadic interface exposes the Suite provided by Benchmark.js, making it simple to start with and extend, if you know Benchmark.js. Other primitives are built on top of that to provide easy-to-use end API.

Ready-to-clone environment with a full example can be found in purescript-benchmark-template. The template project uses rollup to provide additional optimizations (like uncurry, inlining and dead-code elimination) and dramatically reduce bundle size. The example shows how to use it in both browser and node environments.

It is recommended that you use rollup-plugin-purs to improve performance and produce accurate benchmarks.

import Benchmark
import Control.Monad.ST (ST)

main :: forall s. Eff (st :: ST s) Unit
main = runBench $ do
  fn "simple addition" (_ + 42) 8
  fn "addition and mult" (_ + 42 / 2 * 2 * 2) 8

This will print the following table:

| Name              | Op/s        | % max | +-(%) |
| simple addition   | 77591960.67 | 100   | 1.01  |
| addition and mult | 50001106.52 | 64.44 | 0.80  |

Compared to purescript-benchotron, it does not force you to use QuickCheck and provides a simpler API that exposes Benchmark.js's primitives like Suite.

Compared to beautify-benchmark that requires node for printing results, it does printing itself using only console.log, making it work in different environments. Also, results are printed as a full ASCII table which improves readability, and percentage values are included in the table by default.