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It would sometimes be useful to be able to compare two functions in order to determine whether they are equal. This is famously impossible, in the general case, in the sense that there is no general algorithm to determine whether one function is equivalent to another function.

Now, when faced with the desire to test whether two functions are equal, the right answer is often: don't do that! Instead, refactor your code so that you the things you are comparing are just data.

However, there are some patterns in which you treat a function as part of a larger data type, and in those cases you may want to be able to determine whether two values of that type are equal. Hence, you want to determine whether two functions are equal.

So, how can we accommodate that, to some degree? This module provides a kind of "wrapper" type -- EqFunc -- which can be tested for equality. The typical life-cycle is:

  • Construct an EqFunc from a regular function.
  • Possibly manipulate the EqFunc or combine it with other EqFuncs.
  • Test the EqFunc for equality with another EqFunc.
  • Use runEF (and friends) to turn it back into a function.

The manipulation of an EqFunc includes things such as composition, partial application, currying, uncurrying, and flipping -- all preserving equality with another EqFunc which has been built in an eqivalent manner.


Try bower install purescript-equatable-functions


Try something like:

git clone
bower install
pulp test


Documentation for the API can be found on Pursuit. Or, if you are already looking at Pursuit, then below ...