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Ordinarily, you can only check two values for equality if the type-checker knows that they are the same type.

This module provides an eqAny function which loosens that restriction. It works with any two values, so long as each has an Eq instance. To do so, it checks whether the two Eq instances are implemented with the same function. If so, clearly that function can take both values, and can be called to determine equality. If not, clearly the values are unequal.

Note that it turns out that this mechanism currently works only with * kinds, not * -> * or higher kinds (see examples below). I am working on a fix, likely by requiring a Typeable constraint.

But why would the type-checker not know that the two values are of the same type? On occasion, it is convenient to "forget" the type of a value, and only remember some fact about the type -- say, that it has an Eq instance. This is a little like what Data.Exists does, except that Data.Exists doesn't remember anything at all about the original type.

So, this module provides a someEq function, which turns any value with an Eq instance into a SomeEq (with no type variable). All you can do with a SomeEq is check it for equality with another SomeEq. The nice thing is that the two SomeEq values may originally have been different types.


Try bower install purescript-exists-eq


Try something like:

git clone
bower install
pulp test


Documentation for the API can be found on Pursuit. Or, if you are already looking at Pursuit, then below ...