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Purescript bindings for firebase.


Early days, we're using it in a small production deployment and it seems to work well enough. Firebase 2.4 API partially implemented:

  • pushing / setting data
  • subscribing on changing data
  • subscribing to authentication events (only tested on users with a google account)

The tests in this project are a bit limited, the more interesting ones are in the production project for now (positive authorizaiton using a user account, subscribing to a stream of events with signals.

Next steps are documented in the issue queue.


bower install purescript-firebase


pulp -w test

should work. For instructions on how to build from scratch, see 'travis.yml'.


There is a set of rules in test/rules.bolt, they are meant to test access denied errors. If you want to do your own experiments with it, change the database in 'test/Main.purs' and 'firebase.json' to one that you control, generate security rules with the 'bolt' compiler with

npm run bolt

and deploy the security rules

firebase deploy:rules

You'll notice that one path is open for writing by default.


The purescript style guide recommends separating a literal translation of the API in a separate package / repository from a more purescript-ish interface. For now they are together, until we figure out what goes where. Web.Firebase.Monad.Aff has the start of a more idiomatic API. Eventually I'd like to produce signals for callbacks that can be fired more than once ( on()). That way it should be relatively easy to use firebase for uni-directional data flow with one of the many signal-based UI libraries for purescript.

Pull requests welcome. The tests will tell you what's been done so far, and what I'm thinking about doing next.

Bumping versions

> bower version major
> git push origin master && git push --tags

Pascal Hartig - The only purescript code I could find that was using firebase was this . I extracted the firebase code and started working from there.