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CI Release Pursuit Maintainer: colinwahl

This library provides PureScript bindings to Github's Actions Toolkit, allowing you to automate your workflows with Actions written in PureScript.


Install GitHub Actions Toolkit with Spago:

spago install github-actions-toolkit

You will also need to install the npm packages for any bindings that you are using. For example, if you use functions exported from GitHub.Actions.Core, then you need to install the @actions/core npm package:

npm install @actions/core

Quick start

An Action is an action.yml file pair with a Node script.

This library provides PureScript bindings to Github's Actions Toolkit, which provides useful tools for writing Actions.

To write your own Action, create an action.yml file which specifies the inputs, outputs, and metadata which will be used by your Action. See GitHub's docs on the syntax of this file. Then you can use this library to write a Node script which will execute the Action based on the action.yml file.

You can use the Hello World PureScript Action template to get started defining your own Action. The template provides a starting point in order to define your own actions with these bindings!

Here are some common functions which are used when defining Actions:

Get an input with key username specified by the action.yml file for use in the script, then log it:

main :: Effect Unit
main = void $ runExceptT do
  username <- Core.getInput { name: "username", options: Just { required: true }}
  liftEffect $ username

Use which to check that a tool is installed, and set the job to failed if it isn't.

main :: Effect Unit
main = do
  result <- runExceptT (IO.which { tool: "spago", check: true })
  case result of
    Left err ->
      Core.error "spago not found"
      Core.setFailed "Required tool spago is not available for this job."
    Right spagoPath -> $ "spago found at path " <> spagoPath
      pure unit -- If your job ends without failing, then it succeeded.

Run an arbitrary command with exec.

main :: Effect Unit
main = do
  result <- runExceptT (Exec.exec' "spago build")
  case result of
    Left err ->
      -- Something bad happened, log error and set failed
      Core.error $ message err
      Core.setFailed "Exception was thrown during spago build"
    Right returnCode | returnCode == 0.0 -> "spago build succeeded"
    Right returnCode ->
      Core.warning $ "spago build failed with ruturn code" <> returnCode
      Core.setFailed "spago exited with nonzero return code"

You can find documentation for all of the functions in this library in the docs directory.


GitHub Actions Toolkit documentation is stored in a few places:

  1. Module documentation is published on Pursuit.
  2. Written documentation is in the docs directory.

For a usage example, see the Hello World PureScript Action template. For a real-world action that uses these bindings, see Setup PureScript.

If you get stuck, there are several ways to get help:


You can contribute to GitHub Actions Toolkit in several ways:

  1. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please open an issue. We'll do our best to work with you to resolve or answer it.

  2. If you would like to contribute code, tests, or documentation, please read the contributor guide. It's a short, helpful introduction to contributing to this library, including development instructions.

  3. If you have written a library, tutorial, guide, or other resource based on this package, please share it on the PureScript Discourse! Writing libraries and learning resources are a great way to help this library succeed.