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Provides useful Halogen Hooks and other utilities commonly used in hooks (e.g. actions).


  • useDebouncer - run an action only when a specified amount of time has passed without receiving any new updats/values (e.g. search the database using user's query after 300 ms of no input).
  • useThrottle - run an action with the next value after ignoring new values for a specified amount of time (e.g. handle 1 scroll event every 300 ms).
  • useEvent - run a callback whenever a new value is pushed (e.g. allow a library to publish events within it to end-users of the library).
  • Convenience function useStateFn and shorthand useModifyState_ / useModifyState / usePutState. These provide a MonadState update function rather than a stateID. This is similar to the react-basic-hooks API, where useState in that framework behaves like useModifyState_ here. Use these functions if you only need a single way to update state and prefer more concise code.
  • useGet - Produce a get function for a value by saving the value in a mutable reference. This function behaves like the Hooks.get function for reading the current state. Most commonly used to get a mutable reference to component input so you can read the most up-to-date input when in a callback or effect cleanup.


  • Reduce boilerplate when calling preventDefault on mouse events and key events.


# Compile the examples
spago -x examples.dhall bundle-app --main Examples.Main --to dist/app.js

# Then open the `dist/index.html` file in your favorite browser
# firefox dist/index.html
# google-chrome dist/index.html