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Utilities for creating and managing push-based subscriptions, inspired by the event library. This library is used to implement subscriptions in Halogen, but it can be used independently of Halogen.


Install halogen-subscriptions with Spago:

spago install halogen-subscriptions

Quick start

The halogen-subscriptions library helps you create and transform push-based subscriptions. Most subscriptions follow this pattern:

  1. Use the create function to produce a paired Emitter and Listener. An emitter is a possibly-infinite list of values that you can subscribe to, and a listener is a mechanism for pushing values to the emitter.
  2. Use the subscribe function to subscribe to outputs from the emitter by providing a callback function to run each time a value is emitted.
  3. Use the notify function to push values to the emitter via the listener.
  4. Use the unsubscribe function to end a subscription to an emitter.

Here's a simple example that logs "Hello" and then "Goodbye":

module Main where

import Prelude

import Effect (Effect)
import Effect.Console as Console
import Halogen.Subscription as HS

main :: Effect Unit
main = do
  { emitter, listener } <- HS.create

  subscription <- HS.subscribe emitter \str -> Console.log str

  HS.notify listener "Hello"
  HS.notify listener "Goodbye!"

  HS.unsubscribe subscription

Emitters can be combined and transformed to make more sophisticated subscriptions.


Module documentation is published on Pursuit.