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This package offers complete bindings and type-safety upon the IndexedDB API.


The IDBCore and IDBFactory are the two entry points required to create and connect to an indexed database. From there, modules are divided such that each of them covers a specific IDB interface.

They are designed to be used as qualified imports such that each method gets prefixed with a menaingful namespace (e.g IDBIndex.get, IDBObjectStore.openCursor ...)

Here's a quick example of what it look likes.

main :: Eff (idb :: IDB, exception :: EXCEPTION, console :: CONSOLE) Unit
main = launchAff' do
  db <- "db" Nothing { onBlocked       : Nothing
                                     , onUpgradeNeeded : Just onUpgradeNeeded

  tx    <- IDBDatabase.transaction db ["store"] ReadOnly
  store <- IDBTransaction.objectStore tx "store"
  (val :: Maybe String) <-  IDBObjectStore.get store (IDBKeyRange.only 1)
  log $ maybe "not found" id val

onUpgradeNeeded :: forall e. Database -> Transaction -> Eff (idb :: IDB, exception :: EXCEPTION | e) Unit
onUpgradeNeeded db _ = launchAff' do
  store <- IDBDatabase.createObjectStore db "store" IDBObjectStore.defaultParameters
  _     <- IDBObjectStore.add store "patate" (Just 1)
  _     <- IDBObjectStore.add store { property: 42 } (Just 2)
  _     <- IDBObjectStore.createIndex store "index" ["property"] IDBIndex.defaultParameters
  pure unit



Errors normally thrown by the IDB* interfaces are wrapped in the Aff Monad as Error where the name corresponds to the error's name (e.g. "InvalidStateError"). Pattern matching can therefore be done on any error to handle specific errors thrown by the API.


The test folder contains a great amount of examples showing practical usage of the IDB* interfaces. Do not hesitate to have a peek should you wonder how to use one of the module. The wrapper tries to keep as much as possible an API consistent with the original IndexedDB API. Hence, it should be quite straightforward to translate any JavaScript example to a PureScript one.



  • review interface implementation (use of opaque classes to improve readability without compromising the reusability). The API doesn't really change from a user perspective though.

  • make the Key more opaque (by having an IDBKey instance for Foreign types)

  • Upgrade purescript-exceptions to 3.1.0 and leverage the new name accessor


  • Indexed Database API 2.0 totally covered apart from
    • index.getAll method (and the associated one for the IDBObjectStore)
    • binary keys


Module documentation is published on Pursuit.


Tested in the cloud on multiple browsers and operating systems thanks to BrowserStack

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