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Purescript bindings to PhantomJS

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PureScript code is pure and total, so most testing is usually a form of documentation or done with generative tests. However, occasionally tests need to test FFI bindings, which is where PhantomJS comes in handy. If you need to test some code that deals with Window, or the DOM, or some web APIs, these bindings come in handy. It can be used as a simpler replacement to the karma test-runner framework.


import Prelude ((>>=), bind)
import Data.Enum (fromEnum)
import ExitCodes (ExitCode(Success))
import PhantomJS.Phantom (version, exit)
import Control.Monad.Eff.Console (logShow)

main = do
  version >>= logShow
  exit (fromEnum Success)


Purescript purescript-phantom phantomjs
v0.11.x v2.x.x 2.1.x
v0.10.1 - v0.10.7 v1.x.x 2.1.x


If you do not have phantomjs installed, you can install phantomjs-prebuilt from npm, and it will be installed in ./node_modules/.bin/phantomjs. You can then run pulp with the --runtime ./node_modules/.bin/phantomjs and the compiled code will be run by phantomjs.

The examples folder contains two examples. First compile by running:

pulp build --include examples --main Example --to examples-output/example.js
# or
pulp build --include examples --main Example.Stream --to examples-output/stream.js

You can then run the examples in the examples-output folder:

cd examples-output
../node_modules/.bin/phantomjs example.js
../node_modules/.bin/phantomjs stream.js


Assuming you have purescript and phantomjs installed, run the following in the project root...

PHANTOM_TEST_PATH=$(pwd) pulp test --runtime phantomjs

Or if you're using phantomjs-prebuilt...

PHANTOM_TEST_PATH=$(pwd) pulp test --runtime ./node_modules/.bin/phantomjs

You can also run the tests, in the purescript-docker image. If you're using docker, follow the instructions in the comments of to get a working container. You can then run the tests inside of the container by running ./ on the host, which will run pulp --watch test inside the container.