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Bindings for common Phaser 3 operations. As Phaser has a large API, not everything is implemented. Feel free to open a PR or ask for a new binding!

Some bindings allow a more FP-friendly way of handling operations, like passing a Scene as an argument for the create function, as we are not accessing using this.


Here's a simple example:

module Main where

import Prelude

import Effect (Effect)
import Graphics.Phaser (addScene)
import Graphics.Phaser as Phaser
import Graphics.Phaser.GameObject (Dimensions, setDisplaySize)
import Graphics.Phaser.Image as Image
import Graphics.Phaser.Loader (loadImages)
import Graphics.Phaser.Scene (SceneConfig, defaultSceneConfig)
import Graphics.Phaser.ForeignTypes (PhaserGame, PhaserScene)

runGame :: Dimensions -> Effect PhaserGame
runGame = Phaser.create
  >=> addScene mainScene true

main :: Effect Unit
main = do
  _ <- runGame { width: 800, height: 600 }
  pure unit

startButton :: PhaserScene -> Effect PhaserScene
startButton scene = do
  _ <- Image.create "logo" { x: 100.0, y: 100.0 } scene
    >>= setDisplaySize { width: 50, height: 50 }
  pure scene

mainScene :: SceneConfig {}
mainScene = defaultSceneConfig
  { key = "main"
  , create = \scene _state -> do
      _ <- startButton scene
      pure unit
  , preload = \scene ->
      loadImages [ { key: "logo", path: logoPath } ] scene

logoPath :: String
logoPath = ""

Build it with:

cd examples/read-me/
spago build


This library should be available on pursuit shortly, in the meantime you can clone the repo and add:

in  upstream
  with phaser =
      /some/path/to/purescript-phaser/spago.dhall as Location

to your packages.dhall. Add 'phaser' to the dependencies in spago.dhall and run

spago build

Building the examples' JS

For each directory on ./examples, run:

spago bundle-app

After that creating an .html file in the directory with this content in its <head> tag:

<script src=""></script>
<script src="index.js"></script>

After that, opening the .html file should display the expected results.