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This is library adds React hooks to react-basic.

Warning: This API relies on recent React versions (>= 16.8.0). For more info on hooks, see React's documentation.

I recommend using PureScript's new "qualified do" syntax while using this library (it's used in the examples, the bits). It became available in the 0.12.2 compiler release.

This library provides the React.Basic.Hooks module, which can completely replace the React.Basic module. It borrows a few types from the current React.Basic module like ReactComponent and JSX to make it easy to use both versions in the same project. If we prefer this API over the existing react-basic API, we may eventually replace React.Basic with this implementation.


mkCounter :: CreateComponent {}
mkCounter = do
  component "Counter" \props ->
    counter /\ setCounter <- useState 0

    React.pure $ R.button
      { onClick: handler_ $ setCounter (_ + 1)
      , children: [ R.text $ "Increment: " <> show counter ]

More examples:

A note on Refs: The Ref type is useful for all kinds of state (anything which shouldn't trigger a render when changed), particularly references to DOM nodes as in the example. Unfortunately, while this module remains a small extension to the existing react-basic library it won't be possible to pass a ref prop to the native DOM components from React.Basic.DOM. In the meantime, use element (unsafeCreateDOMComponent "div") { ref: elementRef }.