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This library is a thin wrapper around npm's ssh2-ftp-client. If provided documentation is not enough, please refer to the original library documentation or look at the code - it is kept simple.


Currently Node.js is only supported platform. To use the library make sure you have base npm's package installed:

npm i ssh2-sftp-client

Then simply add the library as a dependency in your Purescript project:

bower install purescript-ssh2-sftp-client

Implementation status

Almost entire functionality of npm's ssh2-ftp-client is already implemented. Here is a list of not yet implemented stuff:

  • normal get operation (only fastGet is implemented)
  • normal put operation (only fastPut is implemented)
  • fastGet and fastPut don't take any configuration parameters.

If you want to see them implemented let me know or consider doing it yourself and issueing a PR.


module Main where

import Prelude

import Effect (Effect)
import Effect.Aff (catchError, launchAff_)
import Effect.Class (liftEffect)
import Effect.Console (log)
import Node.Network.SftpClient (delete, fastGet, fastPut, list, mkdir, rmdir, runSftpSession)

main :: Effect Unit
main = launchAff_ $ flip catchError
  onError $
  runSftpSession config $ do
    liftEffect <<< log <<< show =<< list "/"

    mkdir {path: "/test", recursive: false}
    fastPut { local: "./", remote: "/test/" }
    liftEffect <<< log <<< show =<< list "/test/"

    fastGet { local: "./", remote: "/test/" }

    delete "/test/"
    rmdir {path: "/test", recursive: false}

    onError e = liftEffect $ log $ "Catched error: " <> (show e)
    config =
      { username: "foo"
      , password: "asdqwe123"
      , host: ""
      , port: "22"}

UnsafeInternal module

The unsafety lies in foreign type data SftpClientRef, which is a reference to the npm's package and which state may be a subject to change during each call. You should not have to use this module unless to extend the library.


Currently there are no tests provided, mainly because the library is just a thin wrapper.


Library is co-created and funded by λ-terms

Module documentation

Module documentation is published on Pursuit.

License & copyrights

See LICENSE file.