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The aim of this library is to abstract somewhat over the idea of string->string storage and to provide a somewhat safe interface for those kinds of storages. It is (or was) primarily made for localStorage from the beginning, but the concept itself is pretty general, hence the type class.

What's in there?

There's a type class for things that are Storable, which means we can guarantee that given a reasonable implementation, things will be stored and retrieved correctly from storage.

There's also a MonadStorage type class meant to abstract over the idea of a monad that lets you store things. There are the newtypes LocalStorage & SessionStorage that both wrap Effect. The library internally uses the Storage type from Web.Storage in order to be compatible, while still exposing a nicer(?) interface.


If you have any feedback, I'm on the FP Slack ( as well as GoNZooo on GitHub, gonz on GitLab and you can find my email in this repository. This is very much my first contributed library to PureScript, so pointers on how better to fit in with the community are most welcome.