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purescript-svg-parser-halogen on Pursuit

A library to inline SVG source string into halogen views.

See Demo for an example.

How to use

import Svg.Parser.Halogen (icon)

-- | You can use FFI and webpack raw-loader to load external SVG files
code :: String
code = """<svg xmlns="" width="14" height="16" viewBox="0 0 14 16"><path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M9.5 3L8 4.5 11.5 8 8 11.5 9.5 13 14 8 9.5 3zm-5 0L0 8l4.5 5L6 11.5 2.5 8 6 4.5 4.5 3z"/></svg>"""

type Icon = forall p r i. Array (IProp r i) -> HTML p i

iconCode :: Icon
iconCode = icon code

It's as simple as this, in most cases you only need the icon function. You can then use iconCode in your render function, you can also apply additional className to it.

Halogen.HTML.Properties.class_ won't work though, you need to use Halogen.HTML.attr.

import Halogen.HTML as HH

className = HH.attr (HH.AttrName "class")

render state =
  iconCode [ className "icon" ]

How it works

Svg.Parser parses SVG source String as SvgNode. Svg.Parser.Halogen converts SvgNode to halogen HTML. You can also write adapters to convert SvgNode to the HTML type of other view libraries.

If you want to Svg.Parser with other view libraries, I can release it as a separate package, let me know if you are interested.