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toEnum :: forall a. BoundedEnum a => Int -> Maybe a
P purescript-enums M Data.Enum
toEnum :: Int -> Maybe ReadyState
P purescript-web-xhr M Web.XHR.ReadyState
toEnumDeltaMode :: Int -> Maybe DeltaMode
P purescript-web-uievents M Web.UIEvent.WheelEvent
toEnumEventPhase :: Int -> Maybe EventPhase
P purescript-web-events M Web.Event.EventPhase
toEnumReadyState :: Int -> Maybe ReadyState
P purescript-web-file M Web.File.FileReader.ReadyState
toEnumReadyState :: Int -> Maybe ReadyState
P purescript-web-html M Web.HTML.HTMLTrackElement.ReadyState
toEnumBinaryType :: Int -> Maybe BinaryType
P purescript-web-socket M Web.Socket.BinaryType
toEnumReadyState :: Int -> Maybe ReadyState
P purescript-web-socket M Web.Socket.ReadyState
toEnumKeyLocation :: Int -> Maybe KeyLocation
P purescript-web-uievents M Web.UIEvent.KeyboardEvent
toEnumWithDefaults :: forall a. BoundedEnum a => a -> a -> Int -> a

Like toEnum but returns the first argument if x is less than fromEnum bottom and the second argument if x is greater than fromEnum top.

toEnumWithDefaults False True (-1) -- False
toEnumWithDefaults False True 0    -- False
toEnumWithDefaults False True 1    -- True
toEnumWithDefaults False True 2    -- True
P purescript-enums M Data.Enum

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