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Bindings to Clappr video player for Purescript.


This binding covers:

  • basic options

  • most of event handlers binders

  • most of built-in plugins

  • some extra plugins (more info below)

Extra Plugins

  • ResponsiveContainer keeps proportions provided by user and resizing to the parent container

  • ReplayOnBuffering reloads playback after a given timeout of buffering.

  • ClickToStop because ClickToPause doesn't work for live streams.

  • MediaControl to customize control bar.


Beside bower dependencies which you can by running bower install you have to remember to install also these packages through npm in your project: clappr, clappr-thumbails-plugin, hls.js, level-selector.

Webpack suggestions

If you work with webpack I can suggest taking a look into examples webpack files. I think the most important piece is this:

    alias: { Clappr: 'clappr/dist/clappr.js', 'clappr-thumbnails-plugin': 'clappr-thumbnails-plugin/dist/clappr-thumbnails-plugin.js' },

Please check for example this file: ./examples/simple/webpack.config.js for details.


There are separate examples provided:

  • examples/simple - just shows how to use basic clappr player,

  • examples/events - provides example of how to attach event handlers,

  • examples/plugins - contains code which configures and uses some provided by this lib plugins.

You can build examples against cloned library code:

  • $ npm install

  • $ echo '{ "resolvers": [ "bower-npm-resolver" ] }' >> .bowerrc

  • $ bower install

  • $ make or $ ./bin/ - this script runs make and starts simple http server (python -m http.server).

  • Please follow the instruction on the examples page on http://localhost:8000.

Please note that all examples are compiled into ./output dir to simplify developement flow. I mean compilation and editing from the root dir and auto rebuild using by for example: $ webpack --watch examples/plugins/webpack.config.js).