#generateSignKeyPair Source

generateSignKeyPair :: forall e. Eff (naclRandom :: NACL_RANDOM | e) SignKeyPair

Generate a random key pair for signing messages

#getSignKeyPair Source

getSignKeyPair :: SignSecretKey -> SignKeyPair

Get the signing keypair for a given SignSecretKey

#getSignPublicKey Source

getSignPublicKey :: SignKeyPair -> SignPublicKey

Get the SignPublicKey for a given SignKeyPair

#getSignSecretKey Source

getSignSecretKey :: SignKeyPair -> SignSecretKey

Get the SignSecretKey for a given SignKeyPair

#sign Source

sign :: Message -> SignSecretKey -> SignedMessage

Sign a Message using the given SignSecretKey. Returns the contents of the message, signed, as a SignedMessage

#signDetached Source

signDetached :: Message -> SignSecretKey -> Signature

Like sign, but only returns the Signature, not the message contents

#verifyDetached Source

verifyDetached :: Message -> Signature -> Boolean

Verifies a Signature, given the Message

#signOpen Source

signOpen :: SignedMessage -> SignPublicKey -> Maybe Message

Varifies the signature contained in a SignedMessage against a given SignPublicKey. Returns Just Message if the signature verifies, or Nothing otherwise.