A calendar component that can be customized by Props. It is a controlled component, which means it has minimum internal state and is controlled by parent component.

#SelectedDate Source

data SelectedDate

SelectedDate can be a single Date or a range of Dates.



#DisabledDate Source

data DisabledDate

Disable dates Before or After a specific Date, can also be a combination of them.


#Props Source

type Props = { disabledDate :: DisabledDate, formatMonth :: Date -> String, formatWeekday :: Weekday -> String, numberOfMonths :: Int, selectedDate :: SelectedDate, styles :: Styles, today :: Date }

Month title, weekday text, class name can be customized. Note that today is not an internal state, but passed in.

#Query Source

data Query a

The behavior of this component includes selecting date and navigating months.


#Message Source

type Message = Date

This component raises selected Date to be handled by parent component.

#defaultProps Source

defaultProps :: Date -> Props

Construct default props from today date.

#dayPicker Source

dayPicker :: forall m. Component HTML Query Props Message m

A simple calendar that raises selected date.

Re-exports from Halogen.DayPicker.Styles

#Styles Source

type Styles = { body :: ClassName, control :: ClassName, controlIsHidden :: ClassName, controlNext :: ClassName, controlPrev :: ClassName, day :: ClassName, dayFrom :: ClassName, dayIsDisabled :: ClassName, dayIsSelected :: ClassName, dayTo :: ClassName, dayToday :: ClassName, head :: ClassName, month :: ClassName, root :: ClassName, weekday :: ClassName }

#defaultStyles Source