Similar to Halogen.HTML as HH but contains SVG elements. We recommend importing this module via the SE module alias:

import Halogen.Svg.Elements as SE

#element Source

element :: forall r w i. ElemName -> Array (IProp r i) -> Array (HTML w i) -> HTML w i

This element rather than Halogen.HTML.Elements.element must be used because all SVG elements created via JavaScript must have the svg namespace: ""

#svg Source

svg :: forall p i. Node SVGsvg p i

#g Source

g :: forall p i. Node SVGg p i

#circle Source

circle :: forall p i. Leaf SVGcircle p i

#image Source

image :: forall p i. Leaf SVGimage p i

#ellipse Source

ellipse :: forall p i. Leaf SVGellipse p i

#rect Source

rect :: forall p i. Leaf SVGrect p i

#path Source

path :: forall p i. Leaf SVGpath p i

#pattern Source

pattern :: forall p i. Node SVGpattern p i

#line Source

line :: forall p i. Leaf SVGline p i

#polyline Source

polyline :: forall p i. Leaf SVGpolyline p i

#polygon Source

polygon :: forall p i. Leaf SVGpolygon p i

#text Source

text :: forall p i. Node SVGtext p i

#foreignObject Source

#defs Source

defs :: forall p i. Node SVGg p i

#mask Source

mask :: forall p i. Node SVGg p i

#marker Source

marker :: forall p i. Node SVGmarker p i

#animate Source

animate :: forall p i. Leaf SVGanimate p i

#animateMotion Source

#circleNode Source

circleNode :: forall p i. Node SVGcircle p i

#mpath Source

mpath :: forall p i. Leaf SVGmpath p i

#title Source

title :: forall p i. Node SVGtitle p i

#use Source

use :: forall p i. Leaf SVGuse p i