Class names specific to metajelo-web.

#productGroup Source

productGroup :: String

A group of products, which may not be all products in the record; currently products are grouped by their resource type.

#productCitation Source

productCitation :: String

A class for a div that encompasses several elements from different parts of a Metajelo document that together form a Product's citation; this includes basic meta data, institution name, and a product's resource ID.

#appliesMaybe Source

appliesMaybe :: String

The given policy may apply to the product; it is unverified or undetermined.

#appliesYes Source

appliesYes :: String

The given policy does apply to the product.

#appliesNo Source

appliesNo :: String

The given policy does not apply to the product.

#appliesInfo Source

appliesInfo :: String

Class applied to the text describing how or if the policy applies to the product.

#idUrl Source

idUrl :: String

In metajelo-web, may supersede the use of referencing the identifier's id string directly

#errorDisplayBox Source

errorDisplayBox :: String

The outer display <div> for any errors that occur while parsing, validating, and rendering a Metajelo XML document.

#errorDisplay Source

errorDisplay :: String

The <span> for the error message that is a child of the errorDisplayBox <div>.