#cList Source

cList :: forall a. Array String -> ReactProps a

#mjIcMinusSq Source

#mjIcCheckSq Source

#spc Source

spc :: forall a. Widget HTML a

#spacify Source

spacify :: forall a. Array (Widget HTML a) -> Array (Widget HTML a)

#initMonoid Source

initMonoid :: forall m. Monoid m => Array m -> Array m

#addEndPunct Source

addEndPunct :: String -> Boolean -> String -> String

Adds punctuation at the end of a text fragement; useful for dealing with optional values (set skip = false if not an issue) and cases where epunctuation may not be known at compile time. For instance, frequently we may want to set skip to isNothing val where val is of type Maybe a.

#mkRecordWidget Source

#mkSupplementaryProductWidget Source

#contactWidg Source

#relIdToWidg Source

#idToWidg Source

idToWidg :: Identifier -> (forall a. Widget HTML a)

#citeId Source

citeId :: String -> (forall a. Widget HTML a)

#idUrl Source

idUrl :: Identifier -> (forall a. Widget HTML a)

Returns a URL if one can be constructed from the identifier. Otherwise, just returns the identifier as text.

#ipolicyWidg Source

#group Source

group :: forall u f a. Foldable f => Functor f => Unfoldable1 u => Semigroup (u a) => (a -> String) -> f a -> Object (u a)