All API below is safe (i.e. does not crash if called) and independent from options or which function was used to start the ChildProcess.

#pid Source

pid :: UnsafeChildProcess -> Effect (Maybe Pid)

The process ID of a child process. Note that if the process has already exited, another process may have taken the same ID, so be careful!

#pidExists Source

pidExists :: UnsafeChildProcess -> Effect Boolean

Note: this will not work if the user does not have permission to kill a PID. Uses cp.kill(0) underneath.

#connected Source

connected :: UnsafeChildProcess -> Effect Boolean

Indicates whether it is still possible to send and receive messages from the child process.

#disconnect Source

disconnect :: UnsafeChildProcess -> Effect Unit

Closes the IPC channel between parent and child.

#killSignal Source

killSignal :: Signal -> UnsafeChildProcess -> Effect Boolean

Send a signal to a child process. In the same way as the unix kill(2) system call, sending a signal to a child process won't necessarily kill it.

The resulting effects of this function depend on the process and the signal. They can vary from system to system. The child process might emit an "error" event if the signal could not be delivered.