#Stats Source

data Stats


#isDirectory Source

isDirectory :: Stats -> Boolean

Returns true if the <fs.Stats> object describes a file system directory. If the fs.Stats> object was obtained from fs.lstat(), this method will always return false``. This is becausefs.lstat()` returns information about a symbolic link itself and not the path to which it resolves.

#isBlockDevice Source

#isCharacterDevice Source

#dev Source

dev :: Stats -> Number

The numeric identifier of the device containing the file.

#inode Source

inode :: Stats -> Number

The file system specific "Inode" number for the file.

#mode Source

mode :: Stats -> Number

A bit-field describing the file type and mode.

#uid Source

uid :: Stats -> Number

The numeric user identifier of the user that owns the file (POSIX).

#gid Source

gid :: Stats -> Number

The numeric group identifier of the group that owns the file (POSIX).

#rdev Source

rdev :: Stats -> Number

A numeric device identifier if the file represents a device.

#size Source

size :: Stats -> Number

The size of the file in bytes. If the underlying file system does not support getting the size of the file, this will be 0.

#blkSize Source

blkSize :: Stats -> Number

The file system block size for i/o operations.

#blocks Source

blocks :: Stats -> Number

The number of blocks allocated for this file.

#statusChangedTime Source