The SpeechSynthesis interface of the Web Speech API is the controller interface for the speech service; this can be used to retrieve information about the synthesis voices available on the device, start and pause speech, and other commands besides. MDN.

#TTS Source

data TTS :: Type

Represents a SpeechSynthesis

#cancel Source

cancel :: TTS -> Effect Unit

The cancel() method of the SpeechSynthesis interface removes all utterances from the utterance queue. If an utterance is currently being spoken, speaking will stop immediately. MDN.

#speak Source

speak :: TTS -> Utterance -> Effect Unit

The speak() method of the SpeechSynthesis interface adds an utterance to the utterance queue; it will be spoken when any other utterances queued before it have been spoken. MDN.

#tts Source

tts :: Window -> Effect (Maybe TTS)

The speechSynthesis object from the given Window. MDN.

#voices Source

voices :: TTS -> Aff (Array Voice)

Returns a list of SpeechSynthesisVoice objects representing all the available voices on the current device. MDN.