#equals Source

equals :: Number -> Number -> Boolean

Tests whether or not the arguments have approximately the same value, within an absolute or relative tolerance of glMatrix.EPSILON (an absolute tolerance is used for values less than or equal to 1.0, and a relative tolerance is used for larger values)

#setMatrixArrayType Source

setMatrixArrayType :: MatrixArrayType -> Effect Unit

Set the (internally matrix array type). MatrixArrayTypeArray is highly recommended, otherwise the API is not correct (Number vs Float32), and you'll run into trouble sooner or later, although all tests run with both types successfully.

The default is MatrixArrayTypeFloat32Array.

#toRadian Source

toRadian :: Number -> Number

Convert Degree To Radian

#equalArrays Source

equalArrays :: Array Number -> Array Number -> Boolean

Uses equal to check that all numbers in the given arrays are approximately the same.