#Size Source

type Size = Int

Tests are parameterized by the size of the randomly-generated data, the meaning of which depends on the particular generator used.

#runRandom Source

runRandom :: forall a. Seed -> Size -> Random a -> a

Run a random generator.

#sized Source

sized :: forall a. (Size -> Random a) -> Random a

Used to construct generators that depend on the size parameter.

#resize Source

resize :: forall a. Size -> Random a -> Random a

Overrides the size parameter. Returns a generator which uses the given size instead of the runtime-size parameter.

#unsafeChooseInt53 Source

unsafeChooseInt53 :: Int53 -> Int53 -> Random Int53

/This is not safe when (hi - lo) > 53-bits/

#chooseInt Source

chooseInt :: Int -> Int -> Random Int

Generates a random element in the given inclusive range.

#replicateRecM Source

replicateRecM :: forall a m. MonadRec m => Int -> m a -> m (List a)

Tail recursive replicate.