#newAudioContext Source

newAudioContext :: Effect AudioContext

The audio graph whose AudioDestinationNode is routed to a real-time output device that produces a signal directed at the user. var context = new AudioContext()

#destination Source

destination :: AudioContext -> Effect DestinationNode

An AudioDestinationNode with a single input representing the final destination for all audio.

#sampleRate Source

sampleRate :: AudioContext -> Effect Value

The sample rate (in sample-frames per second) at which the BaseAudioContext handles audio.

#currentTime Source

currentTime :: AudioContext -> Effect Seconds

If you want to schedule sounds accurately, then use the current time from the AudioContext rather than using the raw JavaScript time.

#state Source

state :: AudioContext -> Effect AudioContextState

Describes the current state of this BaseAudioContext. (reaonly)

#suspend Source

suspend :: AudioContext -> Effect Unit

Suspend the progression of time in an audio context.

#resume Source

resume :: AudioContext -> Effect Unit

Resume the progression of time in an audio context.

#close Source

close :: AudioContext -> Effect Unit

Closes the audio context, releasing any system audio resources used by the BaseAudioContext.

#decodeAudioData Source

decodeAudioData :: AudioContext -> ArrayBuffer -> (AudioBuffer -> Effect Unit) -> (String -> Effect Unit) -> Effect Unit

A property used to set the EventHandler for an event that is dispatched to BaseAudioContext when the state of the AudioContext has changed (i.e. when the corresponding promise would have resolved). todo: onstatechange :: .. Asynchronously decodes the audio file data contained in the ArrayBuffer.

#decodeAudioDataAsync Source

decodeAudioDataAsync :: AudioContext -> ArrayBuffer -> Aff AudioBuffer

decode the Audio Buffer asynchronously

#createBufferSource Source

createBufferSource :: AudioContext -> Effect AudioBufferSourceNode

Creates an AudioBufferSourceNode.

#createGain Source

createGain :: AudioContext -> Effect GainNode

Create a GainNode.

#createOscillator Source

createOscillator :: AudioContext -> Effect OscillatorNode

Create an OscillatorNode

#createAnalyser Source

createAnalyser :: AudioContext -> Effect AnalyserNode

create an AnalyserNode.

#createBiquadFilter Source

createBiquadFilter :: AudioContext -> Effect BiquadFilterNode

Create a BiquadFilterNode.

#createConvolver Source

createConvolver :: AudioContext -> Effect ConvolverNode

Create a ConvolverNode.

#createDelay Source

createDelay :: AudioContext -> Effect DelayNode

Create a DelayNode. createDelay also has an alternative constructor with a maximum delay note, if you don't set a max, it defaults to 1.0 and any attempt to set a greater value gives "paramDelay.delayTime.value 2 outside nominal range [0, 1]; value will be clamped."

#createDynamicsCompressor Source

#createStereoPanner Source

createStereoPanner :: AudioContext -> Effect StereoPannerNode

Create a StereoPannerNode,

#createPanner Source

createPanner :: AudioContext -> Effect PannerNode

Create a PannerNode,