Re-exports from Materialize.Markup.Decorate

#Decorate Source

class Decorate a b  where

Sets optional fields of a data type. Primarily used to craft a set of CSS classes related to one subject.



#functorDecorateFlipped Source

functorDecorateFlipped :: forall b a f. Functor f => Decorate b a => f a -> b -> f b

#functorDecorate Source

functorDecorate :: forall b a f. Functor f => Decorate a b => a -> f b -> f a

#decorateFlipped Source

decorateFlipped :: forall b a. Decorate b a => a -> b -> b

#(~>) Source

Operator alias for Materialize.Markup.Decorate.decorateFlipped (right-associative / precedence 4)

#(~$>) Source

Operator alias for Materialize.Markup.Decorate.functorDecorateFlipped (right-associative / precedence 4)

#(<~) Source

Operator alias for Materialize.Markup.Decorate.decorate (left-associative / precedence 4)

#(<$~) Source

Operator alias for Materialize.Markup.Decorate.functorDecorate (left-associative / precedence 4)

Re-exports from Materialize.Markup.Dsl

#renderClasses Source

renderClasses :: forall a. ClassDsl a -> String

#liftClassDsl Source

liftClassDsl :: forall c. Render c => c -> ClassDsl Unit

#classList Source

classList :: forall a. ClassDsl a -> Attribute

Re-exports from Materialize.Markup.Render

#Render Source

class Render a  where

Renders something into a list of strings. Primarily used to render a list of CSS class strings.



#renderString Source

renderString :: forall a. Render a => a -> String

#render' Source

render' :: forall a. Render a => a -> Array String

Re-exports from Materialize.Markup.Variadic

#Variadic Source

class Variadic a r | r -> a where

Returns different types depending on what the caller wants. Primarily used to return a ClassDsl when something is finished decorating. Sometimes used to return a Smolder Markup.



#variadicMaybeDecorate Source

variadicMaybeDecorate :: forall b a. (Decorator (Maybe a) -> b) -> Boolean -> a -> b

#variadicDecorate Source

variadicDecorate :: forall b a. (Decorator a -> b) -> a -> b

#(~?) Source

Operator alias for Materialize.Markup.Variadic.variadicMaybeDecorate (left-associative / precedence 9)

#(~) Source

Operator alias for Materialize.Markup.Variadic.variadicDecorate (left-associative / precedence 0)